Ordering and Fees

Terms and Conditions


  • The pricing of our drafting services is very reasonable: the hourly rates start at CA$ 45.00 + app. taxes and our free estimate is based on this rate.
  • The total cost of the project varies according to the scope of the project and can range from a couple of hundred dollars for a simpler project (such as a single built-in) up to several thousand dollars (for a whole house). Other factors that affect the total cost are the overall complexity and number of revisions requested by the client.
  • When the drawing is ready, we send you a low resolution version for your on-screen verification. Upon approval and receipt of payment, we will e-mail the printable version or mail a hard-copy of the finished drawing(s).
  • We accept cheques (allow a few days to clear), Visa and MasterCard (over the phone), as well as PayPal (with link sent via e-mail).
  • No deposit is required for us to begin the project. Payment for smaller projects is due upon completion of the drawings. Larger projects that extend over a few months will be billed monthly. For ongoing projects we will only be able to continue developing the drawing after the current invoice is paid
We take responsibility for our drawings: if there is an omission or mistake we will correct it free of charge. However the client has the responsibility to provide correct data and clear instructions.

If you plan to modify your house's structure, you must consult a structural engineer and let us know his recommendations so we can incorporate them into the drawings. If you have chosen a contractor or cabinetmaker, they will need to verify the site conditions before the project is started, and to communicate any discrepancies between the site measurements and the drawing so that the drawing can be adjusted accordingly. We may need to liaise with them regarding materials and technical details.