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EasyRead&tradeTechnical drawings

Clients in the interior design industry are very often confused by and have difficulty understanding the technical drawings that they are supposed to approve before construction can begin. This is why we have combined the qualities of a standard technical drawing with those of a presentation drawing to create our EasyRead™ technical drawings.
What we do:


  • EasyRead™ styling of your existing cad drawings;
  • space planning;
  • furniture plans;
  • plans and elevations;
  • built-ins with appliances fit in according to specs and detailing of the interiors of the cabinets;
  • molding types detail sheets;
  • flooring plans;
  • self-standing furniture drawings including 3D;
  • site measurements in the greater Montreal area.


  • you want to impress your clients with the amazing EasyRead™ styling drawings;
  • you are backlogged, understaffed and deadlines are pressing;
  • you have only part-time drafting needs.
Why? Because our drawings are:


  • EasyRead™ Styled for an efficient communication. Your clients will love them because they are clear and professional.
  • Structured intelligently, so it is easier and faster to change them if needed.
  • Time-proven - used to flawlessly design and build products since 1986. You can rely on us!
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