About Margareta

Margareta Margareta Mina is an accomplished wood engineer specialized in design, manufacture and decoration of wooden furniture. Margareta received her five-year university training in design and production of built-in and stand-alone furniture from the University of Transylvania, Romania (1986).

Her education provided her with extensive knowledge of the properties and uses of wood, as well as the principles of artistic and decorative furniture design: in short, the knowledge to transform a raw log into finished wooden furniture of many styles, from slender Shaker furniture through extravagant Louis XV style, to built-in units for contemporary homes.

Her formal academic training was enriched by post-graduate studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Hungary. The combination of science, engineering and art have come together to make her a true connoisseur of wood furniture.
Margareta's career spans more than twenty years and two continents. Prior to moving to Canada in 2002, Margareta launched and ran her own furniture design company in Europe for over ten years. Her niche was hand-painted furniture based on traditional local folk themes identified by her own ethnographic research. She has authored several published articles on painted furniture and has been featured in numerous magazines and on television. In Montreal, Margareta has been fortunate to work with highly distinguished local designers and builders. Recently, Margareta has successfully expanded her professional activities to become an independent professional design practitioner.
Today, Margareta is the head of Design It Yourself, a solution provider of drafting, consulting, and interior design services to residential clients in Eastern Canada and New England. Margareta's goal is to discover the most fitting layout for her clients using her knowledge of engineering and arts along with her extensive experience.
Margareta is married and lives with her husband Gordon and three children, Tim, Agnes and Amanda in Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada. Margareta is a self-taught computer geek with a passion for problem solving. When not working, she enjoys reading various genres from science fiction to classical literature and preparing gourmet meals.